Treasures of Rome

The aim of this campaign is to raise funds for the development of "Treasures of Rome", a game for mobile Android and IOS platforms. "Treasures of Rome" is a puzzle game, in which you are dressed as a Roman commander fighting battles to protect Rome and its treasures.

You will have the strategic ability of a true leader, and the Force of your sword. The levels represent the stages of a real Roman military campaign. At the first level, you fight against barbaric regions to expand your territory and increase your treasures. At the second level, you have to ensure that your army survives during encampment, finding the right livelihoods; you will have to dress like a Roman hunter and find resources in an unfamiliar and hostile environment.

"Treasures of Rome" is our first game to be announced and although it is a modest title, it will have the same attention that is dedicated to a child and we will continue its development even if we fail to reach the final target. In any case, thanks to all of those who help us in the campaign, even just by speaking about it with someone else. For us, they will be our partners.

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